Shea butter

FasoGaz not only provides energy to local communities, but also helps with building a local business. We provide know-how, training, organizational skills, access to funding and, most important, access to a market.

Our first product we sell in Europe, on behalf of a women's cooperative in Burkina Faso, is Shea butter.

Shea butter is one of the top three product for export in Burkina Faso, it on third place after live stock and cotton.
For rural woman selling this product means a secondary and often even primary income. Most of the woman collaborate with regional collecting centers, which sell the nuts or shea butter.

The export consist mostly of unrefined nuts, that's where we try to make our mark.
We keep as much of the sheanut processing in Burkina Faso by assisting in obtaining and maintaining quality. We overview the whole process from collecting to delivery to the client.
Short lines, no brokers, no external refinery

An important part of our turnover is reinvested in:
- education (quality, business)
- process enhancement (production process, logistics)
- capacity increase (with access to electricity, energy islands,  they now can develop a better, easier process method with a more constant quality result)

Our support and added value consists of four elements: access to energy, access to capital, access to knowledge and to the European marked.


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Shea Butter