Energy islands

Fasogaz' rural renewable energy islands are built around the value chain of the Jatropha plant.
Jatropha plant are initially produced in Fasogaz' nurseries, and then transplanted to the farmers own site. The farmers take care of the plant, which starts to produce seeds after 2-3 years. The Jatropha is mixed with other commercial crops.
The seeds contain 30% oil, which is extracted in the first phase of production, the pressing. The oil produced can be used directly in diesel generators, or mixed with normal diesel for usage in trucks.
The remnant of the pressing process, pressing cake, is then used in digesters to create biogas. With this biogas, electricity is made in a CHP (Combined Heat Power) unit. By product is heat, which is used in light industrial processes, such as the drying of fruits.
At the end of the process, the remains can be used as a organic fertilizer. So we have a zero waste process.
A town, in which we operate an energy island, uses the heat, gas and electricity for domestic use as well as local production. Three revenue streams will benefit the community: sales of oil, increased local production, such as Shea butter and sales of fertilizer.

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